Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tom Dilley

My spool has never wound properly on my Brohter Inov-is 500  and recently is has been getting worse.  It winds on really loose and makes the stitch come out wrong.  I had forgotten that there is supposed to be a spool net to go over the main reel when winding on and thought maybe it was this being missing that was causing the problem.

I called the local machine repair service, a father and son team messers Tom & Tom Dilley, they told me they could give me a spool cover but was unsure if that was the problem.  He said to pop round with my machine and he would have a look. At this point I told him it was a bit difficult as I could not afford to pay for any work just now.  It will only be something simple, no charge said he. 

I took my machine round and basically what Mr Tom suggested was winding around the tension spring (didn't know that was its name) back to front, so it grabs better - works like a dream!


Thank you Mr Dilley

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