Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The birds and the bees

A couple of robins have appeared in our garden this week.  The jury seems to be out on whether robins return to the place of hatching or previous breeding, some people say if they have fledged chicks from a nest successfully they will return the following year, others say that the life span of a robins is typically only one year in the wild, so very unlikely.  Well these certainly look like the ones from last year (and the year before and the year before that!), so we refer to them as our robins.
It was mum’s 89th birthday a few months ago and we have bought her a bird feeding station which stands just on the end of the lawn within easy view of the window.  We got it from a lovely little independent garden centre in Lichfield called The Plant Plot It is a Tom Wilson brand and comes complete with half a dozen feeders/dishes so now all the grandkids can buy packs of suet balls and peanut nets as affordable presents.  If you only have a balcony, have a look at these gorgeous cast iron and terracotta feeders, I love the heart!

Whilst looking on the internet for advice on which birds like which food, I came across these adorable textile birds by Abigail Brown.  This got me on the trail of ‘stuffed birds’ not the taxidermy type but more felt and wool ones.  These are gorgeous by Mia Underwood at Woodfolk and she does a tutorial in the Making Magazine issue 6 April 11.  When I have some dosh I am going to invest in a felting needle and some felt; these will look lovely when Christmas arrives (yes I know it is only April, I promise not to use the C word again until November!)

And you can’t mention birds without mentioning bees… found this bag in the shape of a beehive, absolutely adorable, I had something similar in mind to make a lunch bag – I hope mine comes out as cute as this one!  I also came across Daisy Daisy who supply fair traded goods, these little busy bee purses purses caught my eye, made in Nepal along with some very colourful legwarmers. I have come across this fabulous menagerie of felt Casinhadepano, she is in Brazil and I have figured out she has a shop Elo7.

The weird hot March has given way to a gloomy April here in Swindon, as nice as the warm weather was, it is a bit of a worry; climate change might not be man made, but last week Scotland was having a heatwave and today it is snowing – that ain’t right in anyone’s book!  Still, back at Abigail Brown, if you have some cash to splash on something that has no function other than to be lovely, there are these stunning butterfly brooches and  these irresistible frisky foxes.
On the theme of birds and bees, I have found this lovely strawberry and bee fabric.  Made into easy to construct kits, they make a lovely start to your summer wardrobe.
Ah! Spring has sprung.

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