Saturday, 21 April 2012

ACM - my ha'penny for what its worth

After the visit I went to Kerrie's own blog and from her comments I gleaned all is not well in the cosy world of knitting and crochet writing and from there I came across some rather disparaging comments. It is quite evident that some people have had bad experiences with Kerrie and her various business incarnations and it does not make for a very good read.

When I left the offices on Thursday I thought what a fantastic crowd, I even jokingly, during the meet and greet, asked if they had any vacancies as they all seemed to enjoy their job so much. Now, either these peole have sold their souls to the devil in exchange of riches beyond compare or they have zero morals and scruples working for such a woman. Or maybe, Kerrie has made some bad business decisions, got dug in and made a bad situation into a disaster. Or maybe, I am a mug and got completely taken in by the very ordinary, down to earth persona projected by Kerrie and her team on the day and she is a lying cheating scammer.

I know nothing about the circumstances of peoples grievences and I am certainly not pouring scorn on them nor do I know enough about Kerrie to pass judgement; all I can say it that the woman I met on Thursday was a very easy going, down to earth person who, along with the team is creating fantastic magazines. We all make mistakes or at times make bad judgements, people are happy to destroy a company without understanding the full circumstances, and we all know 'he who shouts loudest will be heard'.  I'm not dismissing the seriousness of the allegations against her, but Kerrie did not get us there to show off her ill-gotten gains,  she was wearing a rather old looking faded top and told us she comes to work on her pushbike (maybe the Bently stays in the garage at her mansion, I don't know), but she did not strike me as a business mastermind with a plan to scam as many people as possible.

Caveat Emptor and trust your own judgement.

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