Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring time easy make skirt

Style 2

This is the most lovely girly sweet fabric.  Strawberries, flowers and tiny bees cover a mid blue background. This is a lighter weight cotton, but still excellent quality so no 'see through'.

100% cotton
Elasticated waistband
2 patch pockets

A lovely easy skirt for beginners, The elastic casing is separate to the skirt which gives a lovely hang. The pockets are easy to make but the kit can be supplied without the pockets if required.
This can be constructed in 2 - 3 hours, whizz up the sides, whizz on the casing, thread through the elastic and then hem –the hem takes the longest! Style 3 uses the selvedge so hemming is not required (the one hour skirt??). This fabric is so lovely it is well worth using, hemming took me just under an hour, get a cuppa and watch your fave programme

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