Thursday, 8 March 2012

I used to be undecided...

It is important to try things out and keep developing until you get what you are happy with.  I started with Pattern Stall, I felt that was a bit restrictive, I then changed to Mercerie Magpie, which has (I think)  a lovely ring to it and for me conjures up images of reels of beautiful ribbons and lace and gorgeous haberdashery items, which was a direction I wanted to go in. Since then I have changed my direction again and want to deal more with small haberdashery/fabric shops and so I will not really be selling haberdashery myself.

SO! Welcome to 'Just Sew and Go'.  This describes much better what the kits are all about, no cutting, just sew and go.  The kits are devised to be quick and easy to construct even for beginners.

I have made some new kits and I have been working over the last month or so to create a new fresh brand.

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