Monday, 4 June 2012

Chuggers all bunting'd up!

Poor Chugger Bug is still in a sorry state after being sunk last year.  Justin is working on her, he has taken the old diesel engine out and is in the process of putting an electric motor in - so hopefully by August we should be Chugging (minus the chugging sound tho'!) up the Thames.

To brighten her up a little and as we are on the upper reaches of the Thames I thought it only fitting that she should wear a bit of homemade bunting

Tutorials and multi buy bundles

I have started to do some tutorials which are upload to and  To go with these I have made some bundle packs of kits ideal for classes, clubs or parties.  Special discounts available for multi purchases  ideal for giving as presents, either as kits or made up!

The kits are available in my Folksy shop or on Ebay please take a look 


1 kit             £8.50 each
2-4 kits        £7.50 each
5 - 9 kits      £6.50 each
multiples of 10 kits   £5 each

Click here to see the tutorials

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Grrr Google Friends!

I dunno if it is google friends or micorsoft live or is it just me... but all of my accounts have got in a right mess! I only wanted a blog I didnt want 'google friends' but they cant help themselves these companies but manipulate the figures, I guess nothing comes free!

Anyway, back on track now; my original video was on my business account (bookkeeping) so I have had to rename, swap, rename and upload this again, hopefully relating to the correct blog.  In the meantime my business email and website has been down, thanks to Microsoft Live, although I changed all the settings weeks before the demise of that service.  Because I was swapping this to a blogger account this all got messed up and my video was related to an email and website which could not be accessed.

As I say - Justsewandgo is all sorted now, njust need to get Croft Administration working.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Craft Club

Craft Club is run in association with the Craft Council and started life encouraging knitting lessons in schools, after school clubs and within the local community.

I have started to upload some easy start tutorials sewing tutorials, over the next few weeks I hope to load all sorts of tutorials from bunting to skirts and accessories all with teacher notes to be used in classes.

As scraps of material are not always readily available in many homes, I will be providing specially made up packs to use in the tutorials, along with suggestions on how the items can be made using recycled clothes.  The packs are available on my folksy page

Monday, 14 May 2012

Photography award!

Now, looking at my pathetic photos you would not know that I have a brilliant photographer in the family, but I have and Steph has won another award, she now  goes forward to see if she has won a prestigious yellow pencil - those in the know, know!

See some of her work at  or

Hopefully when she had finished at Uni she will be able to take some piccies for her poor old auntie!